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Did you Know?

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In 1734 Benjamin Franklin became Grand Master. In that same year, he published the first Masonic book in America.

Ben Franklin


The American Philosophical Society requires, to catalog all of his inventions, twenty large book pages. He was accomplished as a printer, author, editor, inventor, scientist, diplomat, philosopher, politician, founder of schools, founder of a postal system, government ambassador, public speaker, and, last but not least a Freemason. Without a doubt, he can be considered one of the most gifted men of all time.

Benjamin was a Freemason, not only content with just being a member of lodge, but a Freemason intensely dedicated to the craft, which is prevalent in the Masonic footprint impressed on the history of our country.

In 1731, he was initiated at the February meeting at Saint Johns Lodge in Philadelphia.

“The longer I live, the more convincing proofs I see of this truth, “That God Governs in the Affairs of Men.” Benjamin Franklin

To his father he wrote:

The Scriptures assure me that the last day we shall not be examined for what we thought, but what we did; and our recommendation will not be that we said, ‘Lord, Lord!’ but that we did good to our fellow creatures.” Benjamin Franklin