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It is for Freemasonry to discover in its own self-understanding that which we must never surrender. Belief in God is necessary for any civilization to continue. High moral standards accepted by a community are necessary if people are to live together. The respect for the value of individual persons is obligatory if individuals are to realize their potential. It is the commitment to these beliefs and values that Freemasonry must always uphold.” (Masonry in the Modern World, Brother the Very Reverend Dean J. 0. Rymer, Dean of Auckland, New Zealand)

Because the world is changing, questions are surly common about the Masonic future. Will Masonry of tomorrow fit into modern society? How will it be a part of growing the potential of human being? How do we function in a world where self-gratification and self-seeking have replaced social debate? Such questions are on the minds of Masons around the word, as the organization fights to redefine its place, within modern society. Some of the efforts being performed are rather simple but innovative.

In England, Australia, and New Zealand, as a last ditch effort for survival; Masons are recruiting on college campuses monthly. This is in an effort to attract and assume younger and more intellectual psychographic, as well as demographic members. The success of this effort is in how the Masonic Order translates their innate values to the broader community, as well as this younger demographic. This enthralls the potential candidate through a vision of overcoming the poverty of contemporary financial distress and social relationship disillusionment, therein providing a safe haven of belonging. This helps to foster encouragement and moral support through tuff-world economic times.

There is an emotional insecurity within the world and American society is not exempt. To keep the Order in business, as Masons, we must ask the question, “What can we do to transform society, while building a relationship to Freemasonry?” Keep in mind, only about a quarter of the world’s child populations are being brought up in stable two parent homes. This includes homes that have access to grandparents and other kinfolks. Divorce is an ever growing epidemic. Loneliness, depression, and an over indulgence in privacy have deteriorated communities. The Masonic future is found in addressing these societal concerns. If Masonry can do this, the future of masonry is assured.